Life’s Lessons! 

Over the past couple of weeks, the happenings around me have opened my eyes to a number of things. Not necessarily things I’ve never heard of but things that have become even more real to me. Keep reading…




Bloomnthots takes off!

Welcome to Bloomnthots…this is basically a journey where I would share my thoughts and how I relate all that’s happening around me to God.

This journey entails me sharing experiences & lessons I’ve learnt cz I strongly believe that in sharing we learn from each other so we don’t all end up making the same mistakes, and so we can ‘bloom’ in the areas that we are positioned – being fruitful and sharing God’s love all around.

I trust that this will be an awesome journey….enlightening and fun. Most importantly I pray God reveals Himself to us like never before, His word becoming so real to us that we can say without an iota of doubt that He lives and loves us.

Remain blessed,