Looking back…

Some months ago I had a major light bulb moment. I have been having a few over the past couple of months but some things stood out in the moment I had that morning hence this piece.

I was having a conversation (an absolutely playful one) with a friend and I was going to site an example of something that happened to me about 3 years ago while I was in Uni. Suddenly I realized that I literally had God work a miracle for me that I didn’t realize or even acknowledge until that very moment.

The day that I was to turn in my final project in Uni, I still had corrections to make before printing the final copy so I clearly had my work cut out for me that morning. I had a portable Wi – Fi modem that I used back then with an evening subscription plan (5pm to about 8am or 9am – I don’t recall exactly now). That day, my internet access did not go off at the usual 8am or 9am, in fact I had just finished looking up the last thing I needed at about 11:30am when it finally did. This had never happened till that day and it didn’t after that day either. I guess due to the pressure of the moment, I just thought “Oh well, what a lucky day!” and probably muttered a “Thank You God” without so much as a thought about it.

Talking with my friend about 2 years or so after, I could see that it was God coming through for me like never before. If that didn’t happen, I would not have been able to turn in my project at the set time, I might have even ended up with a more tedious defense session from submitting late…the list of things that would have happened as ripple effects from just that one action is endless and this brings my attention to some things:
1. How many things has God done for us that we chalk up to ‘a good day‘ or ‘good luck‘ or even the very popular ‘a mere coincidence‘. It’s funny how these are the first things that come to mind other than the idea of God coming through for us. Thank God for the grace to be redeemed from such situations. It’s funny how sometimes, in the moment, we don’t realize the miracle God works in our lives. When He said “I’ll never leave you nor forsake you..“, He didn’t just say that cz they sounded like pretty words. He meant every word. God is interest in every area of your life no matter how small and unimportant you may think it to be. While you are yet speaking, He has heard. He has made provision for all we need and more often than not, we do not pay attention.

2. During my ‘light bulb moment’, I remembered these words from a 2016 Code Orange Revival sermon by Joyce Meyer that I had listened to a few days back “We live life forward but we understand life backwards” If we would only look back on our lives, a lot more things would make sense. We would understand a large number of scenarios and occurrences that happened in the past that we most probably didn’t understand at the time. It is in looking back that we are encouraged. Looking back on what God has done helps us have rekindled hope that He will always come through for us.
Let’s learn to look back and appreciate the things God has done for us, situations that He has saved us from that didn’t necessarily feel like it at the time. We would be encouraged and our faith strengthened especially when we face situations that cause us to be doubtful, confused or weakened.


Heavenly Father, thank You for Your immeasurable love towards us. Thank You for the times You’ve come through for us the we know nothing about. Forgive us, Father, for the times we have been ungrateful, not noticing or acknowledging the things You do for us and choosing to focus instead on the things we do not have or are still trusting You for. Help us Dear Lord to always look back on the awesome ways You’ve come through for us in the past to rekindle our hope that once again You will come through for us because You are a God that never fails. You have never failed us and You won’t start now. Help us Lord to love You as we ought to, in Jesus’ name. Amen!


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